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Do You Manage A Badge Brand? Think Again.

by Bruce Tait, for American City Business Journals  •  Published December 2015

Consider Gucci, BMW, Budweiser and Harley Davidson. These are some of the most powerful and valuable brands in the world, but they have something else in common. They all compete in categories where consumers believe that the brand they choose makes a statement about the kind of person they are. These are often… Read More →

A New Approach to Target Marketing

by Bruce Tait, for American City Business Journals  •  Published December 2015

Is It Time To Start Thinking About Targeting Differently? The idea of a single “target group” has been a pillar of marketing for decades. Generations of marketers were taught that brands that try to be everything to everyone end up being nothing to anyone. It is inefficient to try to reach everyone. Moreover,… Read More →

5 Principles for Finding Your Brand’s Point of View

by Bruce Tait, for American City Business Journals  •  Published October 2015

Complete this statement: All our competitors believe X but we believe Y about the world/people/our industry. Great brands can do this easily. They can pinpoint their unique point of view and then drive that foundational difference through everything they do. This point of difference then becomes the focus for all of a well-differentiated… Read More →

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The Mythic Status Brand Model: Blending Brain Science and Mythology to Create a New Brand Strategy Tool

by Bruce Tait, for Journal of Brand Strategy  •  Published Vol. 1, No. 4, Winter 2012–2013

There is no brand strategy job more fundamental than defining and articulating the core meaning behind a brand. If this is not done properly then all the execution that flows from that brand strategy is wasted effort and money. This paper shows how brand models can be important tools to help forge more profound and more differentiated brand strategy ideas because they provide new lenses for looking at a brand. This paper explains Tait Subler’s journey in creating the Mythic Status Brand Model by merging insights from modern brain science with lessons from ancient mythology. It demonstrates the successful application of the model for the Gucci brand. Read More → Download PDF → (http://taitsubler NULL.pdf)

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