Some feedback from our clients.

  • Tait Subler forced us to clearly articulate a core set of values that define and differentiate the brand in the minds of employees and consumers. Our strategic point of view has become an important point of reference for everything we do. Tait Subler delivered on their promise.

    Jessica Dennis, Worldwide Advertising and Marketing Director
  • The work that Tait Subler did for us was smart, insightful and actionable. They helped us to refine the definition of our core consumer and craft a relevant and differentiated strategic point of view that has become the cornerstone for our strategy. They pushed us to think about creating a movement within our category – a vision that has motivated our employees and partners.

    Chris Lindner, VP of Global Brand Marketing
  • Red Wing is reticent to challenge long-held internal beliefs but Tait Subler's strategic thinking and disciplined process guided us on a journey that challenged us to re-think how we view our brand, our stores and our core consumer. To our management team, their process was inclusive and non-threatening, allowing our internal team to take ownership of a much different and truly unique position for our brand. We are in a much better place today because of the contributions of Tait Subler.

    Peter Engel, Director of Marketing
  • The Tait Subler team approached TIME – a venerable, global brand – with appropriate care and respect. TIME can be a bit intimidating, even to prospective readers. But the Tait Subler team did not shy away from conducting a very rigorous and unvarnished assessment of TIME's brand equities, its brand position, and the unique attributes that TIME could exploit to reaffirm its brand leadership. These guys cut through mounds of data, research, product history, marketing materials and reader feedback with great efficiency, and arrived at a crisp synthesis of TIME's brand essence that was both insightful and actionable. Their work inspired our management team to claim more affirmatively the competitive ground that only TIME can own. It was an invaluable exercise.

    Eileen Naughton, President
  • Tait Subler combined very fresh, creative thinking with deep consumer insights that challenged the accepted wisdom of the rum category. Their inclusive process and articulation of the new brand concept were invaluable. Then they worked with us to bring the brand to life from scratch – identifying the product opportunity area and helping us to execute the name and packaging concept, all to great success.

    Jean-Baptiste Cordon, Managing Director, 10 Cane Rum at Moët Hennessy
  • Tait Subler created a concise strategic point of view that we have adopted and are using to guide our marketing implementation. Their ability to work from a left-brain/analytical point of view in combination with a right-brain/creative approach meant that we got a very creative solution to our strategic work, but a solution that could be supported with analytical reasoning. I highly recommend Tait Subler.

    Kathy D. McCoy, Director of Marketing
  • Having been through a few similar initiatives, I rank you guys right at the top of the list. Your thinking is smart and your conclusions sound. You have helped the organization a lot. We were lucky to have found you.

    Fred Wilson, CEO
  • Working with Tait Subler gave us the focused opportunity we needed to take our fledgling, 3-year old medical research organization and lay the ground work in order to scale it up as we seek to become the leading national player in our field. Tait Subler delivered on-time, on-target and with realistically implementable recommendations.

    Richard Therrien, Former Principal Gift Manager, Major Gifts
  • Tait Subler's contribution is invaluable, and we're still in the very early days of developing communications against the deep insight you provided. One indicator is a 150+ percent growth in direct reponse revenue after adopting a "transformative" messaging and look. The resulting brand campaign lifted white mail and online giving to new heights; the segmentation has allowed us to put test strategies in place against audiences, and we actually have a guage/measure for penetration based on your market analysis. Another outstanding deliverable is the secondary focus on eliminating waste in the food stream as a compelling story, and differentiator, of the food bank's role in hunger relief. This has been put forth strongly, in both paid media and publicity, with the net effect of rampant growth in "food rescue" poundage and partnerships.

    Joan Wadkins, Marketing Director