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What We Do

We are brand differentiation experts.

Strategy Innovation

As many marketers know, the essential distinction between a brand and a commodity is the value of differentiation. Yet it’s strategic differentiation where most brands are falling short.  So much focus has been on the evolving media landscape and message delivery that many brands seem to have lost focus on this most fundamentally vital strategic need. Our strategy innovation process merges analytical rigor with creative thinking to deliver an original, strategic idea that sits at the conceptual core of your business plan.  We call this idea the Strategic Point Of View.

Targeting & Segmentation

We use innovative projective and enabling research techniques to unearth insights from your most valuable audiences. Our segmentation modeling methodologies blend both qualitative and quantitative techniques to help you identify and size your most important segments.  We analyze the data to uncover powerful leader-follower dynamics between segments and then we help determine your most important “Strategic Target.”  Our “Strategic Target” concept identifies the segment that will best connect with your brand and lead other segments to you.

New Brand Development

We help identify and develop strategic platforms for new brands, new products and innovative brand extensions. We have processes and models that help the team truly explore category white space and develop a differentiated offering via deep consumer insight and creative thinking. We can help, whether you are just starting to see the glimmer of a market opportunity and need to develop a full brand bundle or you already have a product and want to optimize its targeting strategy and Strategic Point of View.

Portfolio Architecture Optimization

We apply proprietary prescriptive principles to determine the optimal relationship and hierarchy across a firm’s offerings. Factors such as brand elasticity, segmentation and halo dynamics are integrated into recommendations that are instrumental in evaluating:

  • Mergers and acquisitions — What is the best way to brand the new organization?
  • New products and line extensions — Should a new brand, sub-brand or simply a new product line be created?
  • Brand sprawl — Perhaps you’ve grown through acquisition or launched multiple brands over time; should you rationalize your portfolio and, if so, how?

Internal Activation

Recognizing that effective execution of a strategy is often the greatest roadblock to success, we help champion the Strategic Point of View throughout your organization, working with your internal teams and external partners to transition from strategy to action. Our activation sessions are designed to help your team internalize and engage fully with the Strategic Point of View, so strategic priorities are established universally and the “Monday morning game plan” is set.

Tracking Results

We establish and manage sophisticated brand tracking studies that measure key imagery, attitudes and behaviors related to your brand so that you can address brand issues or leverage opportunities in a timely manner.