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How To Differentiate A Brand Part 4: Beware The Zajonc Effect

by Bruce Tait

Robert Zajonc (rhymes with science) was a great psychology professor at Stanford and the University of Michigan who conducted research on numerous topics that gave us greater insight into the human experience. Before he passed away in 2010 he gave brand and marketing folks a great gift. You see, one of his best… Read More →

Brainstorming In Doubt

by Bruce Tait

In one of my other blogs I referenced a New Yorker article called “Groupthink.” The article challenges many of the ways brainstorming is done, but most clearly indicts the idea that we should suspend judgment when brainstorming in a group.  The classic brainstorming instruction “build, don’t criticize” turns out to be wrong, according to some… Read More →

Conversing with Consumers Requires A Nuanced Brand Strategy

by Bruce Tait

There has been a lot of talk about the impact of social media and the online world on brands.  The typical patter goes something like this: “The conversation is no longer one-way, with marketers sending messages to consumers. Now the consumer owns the brand and can say what he/she wants. Now it’s truly… Read More →