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Conversing with Consumers Requires A Nuanced Brand Strategy

by Bruce Tait

There has been a lot of talk about the impact of social media and the online world on brands.  The typical patter goes something like this: “The conversation is no longer one-way, with marketers sending messages to consumers. Now the consumer owns the brand and can say what he/she wants. Now it’s truly… Read More →

B2B Brands Are Different. Or Are They?

by Bruce Tait

We’ve been fortunate to work with some world-class B2B brands in the last few years, across a broad variety of categories. But it seems we often go through a rough patch at the start of the relationship because Tait Subler is not a B2B specialist. Many B2B marketers seem to believe that a… Read More →

Trust Vs. Technology

by Bruce Tait

I was part of a panel recently at a conference for resorts and casinos. We were speaking on the topic of building greater trust with customers through the use of new technologies, digital media and analytics. My job was to define trust in a brand context. We draw on the work of Lewicki… Read More →