Clients & Case Histories


Congratulations to our Johnson Controls partners! Panoptix™ is a 2012 Edison Award Winner!

The Challenge

Global building efficiency powerhouse Johnson Controls asked us, “How should we position and brand a revolutionary technology platform that delivers sophisticated building efficiency capabilities to owners/operators in a simple, app-based, open platform?”

Our Approach

Great strategy requires great insight. So our first challenge was get inside the hearts and minds of the world’s building management decision-makers, technology professionals, architects, engineers and implementers. Not the easiest of people to find.

From India and North America, to China, Europe and the Middle East, we designed qualitative research to identify the needs, motivations and triggers of current and prospective customers. We elicited their inputs. Challenged their perspectives. Probed their emotional needs as well as their functional drivers. All to help us identify fresh, white space and unmet needs in the world building efficiency.

Through our analysis, we brought to light the most powerful of the strategic insights – and channeled those insights into customer-driven platform needs for our client’s product development, engineering, sales and marketing teams. Our recommendations included a Strategic Point of View, a brand portfolio architecture strategy, naming approach, and user interface strategy for the “world” of Panoptix™ (the new platform).

The Johnson Controls team then engaged our sister company, Hen’s Teeth, to bring the brand to life via visual identity and brand expression across a variety of media.

The Outcome

Congratulations to our Johnson Controls partners! Panoptix™ is a 2012 Edison Award Finalist.