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Staring Narcissism In The Face

by Bruce Tait

At Tait Subler, we spend a lot of time trying to understand the values people hold. It’s important to understand the values of people within an organization so that the Strategic POV we recommend can act as a source of inspiration and pride internally.  And it’s important to understand the values of the target… Read More →

Are There Brand Opportunities For The Bottom 33%?

by Bruce Tait

Years ago, while watching the Occupy Wall Street movement, it felt a bit like a youth movement.  It’s easy to see why when you look at the sad statistics regarding unemployment rates among 20-somethings. The Census Bureau reports that a U.S. household headed by a person age 65 or older has a net worth… Read More →

Why Is There A Tait Subler Blog?

by Bruce Tait

It was a long time coming.  Those who know our company know that we have plenty to say on the subject of brand and all that entails in terms of business, corporate culture, psychology, neuro-science, art, culture and society in general. We discussed the idea of a blog plenty of times. Members of… Read More →