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Trust Vs. Technology

by Bruce Tait

I was part of a panel recently at a conference for resorts and casinos. We were speaking on the topic of building greater trust with customers through the use of new technologies, digital media and analytics. My job was to define trust in a brand context. We draw on the work of Lewicki… Read More →

Is Male Bashing Now Crossing The Line?

by Bruce Tait

The popular image of men in the media has been an interesting journey. From Father Knows Best to bumbling dunce in 50 years. You see, sitcoms need someone to be the stooge, as do most comedies in any form, including TV commercials. In the 70s shows like Three’s Company could get away with… Read More →

When Did Business Culture Become So Impolite?

by Bruce Tait

My first boss gave me a tip my first week on the job. He said that you should always return calls. Even calls from suppliers or salespeople. And even if it is to quickly explain that you are not interested. It is simply the professional thing to do to close the loop and… Read More →