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How To Differentiate A Brand Part 3: Avoid The Category Tablestakes

by Bruce Tait

Don’t settle for a category benefit when you define your brand strategy. One of the biggest problems we see when a team tries to craft a new brand strategy is that they focus on highly important issues in the category — but those issues are simply category table stakes. Category benefits or category… Read More →

How To Differentiate A Brand Part 1: Use Fresh Brand Imagery

by Bruce Tait

The first step in defining a differentiated Strategic POV or positioning for a brand should be determining the type of brand imagery you want to use in your positioning. We have built on the work of Wendy Gordon to create different classes of brand imagery. A given Strategic POV will generally be built around… Read More →

B2B Brands Are Different. Or Are They?

by Bruce Tait

We’ve been fortunate to work with some world-class B2B brands in the last few years, across a broad variety of categories. But it seems we often go through a rough patch at the start of the relationship because Tait Subler is not a B2B specialist. Many B2B marketers seem to believe that a… Read More →

Brain Science Gives Marketers New Clout

by Bruce Tait

Marketers have always been reliant on psychology for underlying theories about how perceptions shape behavior. But the field of psychology has often been a wobbly foundation for brand strategists and psychological theory is not always greeted as real science in the boardroom. Perhaps it’s because psychology is full of competing theories on most… Read More →