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Conversing with Consumers Requires A Nuanced Brand Strategy

by Bruce Tait

There has been a lot of talk about the impact of social media and the online world on brands.  The typical patter goes something like this: “The conversation is no longer one-way, with marketers sending messages to consumers. Now the consumer owns the brand and can say what he/she wants. Now it’s truly… Read More →

Class Warfare An Opportunity For Brands?

by Bruce Tait

Maybe this one will inspire some conversation. There is an awful lot of talk about loyalty out there today. Unfortunately, it seems that much of it is around transactional loyalty rather than real brand loyalty. While the new tools available through social media, etc. are great ways to involve consumers in a brand,… Read More →

How To Differentiate A Brand Part 2: Be Your Own Category

by Bruce Tait

Study after study indicates that marketers are failing to differentiate their brands. And those brands that are truly differentiated perform far better economically. When you boil it all down, a brand is only really a brand if it is clearly differentiated from the competition. So, how can we make sure that the strategic… Read More →