Why Is There A Tait Subler Blog?

by Bruce Tait

It was a long time coming.  Those who know our company know that we have plenty to say on the subject of brand and all that entails in terms of business, corporate culture, psychology, neuro-science, art, culture and society in general.

We discussed the idea of a blog plenty of times. Members of our team would volunteer to write them. But we hesitated. And it certainly wasn’t the writing that was the issue. I love to write. It just seemed wrong for some reason. It took us a long time to articulate our unease but it finally surfaced one day over a beer. My partner, Dodie Subler, and I share a dis-taste for self-promotion (probably to the detriment of our business). It just seemed the concept of a blog was a bit vain. And certainly many blogs can (and do) cross the line into pure self-promotion or narcissism (foreshadowing here). Maybe the presumption that someone would want to read our blog is even vain.

Perhaps we’re just very troubled people.

But once the issue was defined and placed in the daylight, we could work with it.  This blog can’t just be about us. We need to focus this blog on our ideas. We are not shy about our ideas and insights. And we love to see how they fit with what others are thinking. Ideas are what clients hire us for and they are what get us out of bed every morning. Maybe we can address our concerns and offer a compelling blog if we just keep the focus on ideas and insights. Simple.

Where do these ideas come from then? At Tait Subler, we are fortunate to work with a wide range of clients all over the world who engage us to delve deeply into their businesses, their organizations and their customers. Through these experiences we invariably gain some general insights and ideas that may be of value to others. If nothing else, we’ll catalogue the learning through the blog —  and perhaps gain new perspective over time.

So, this whole posting has been about us. I’ve failed already. But I’ll do better. The mission is to focus on the ideas. Ultimately, we’re seeing too much interesting stuff going on out there not to share our point of view. So, here goes…

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